The most simple and secure way for your users to connect their health data.

Connect Any Health Data,

Bridge allows users to import structured and accurate health data from
their Omnios account with just a few clicks, right on your site!
Empower your development team
Simplified integration, comprehensive control.
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Install the Bridge SDK on your site with a single line of code.
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The Bridge Dashboard gives you easy management, sandbox testing, and production app deployment.

Versatile integration
for diverse partners

We work with every integration partner to ensure users can provide the unique set of data points you need to do your magic.
Integrate with users’ health device IoT to create and track meal plans, exercise routines, sleep programs, and more!
Easy and cost-effective data retrieval for healthcare practice audit cases
Access and use accurate and up-to-date health data for your telehealth patients
Clinical Trials
Easily reach clinical trial candidates who are already interested in participating
Simple, Secure, Customizable Connection
Simply Connect
your data
Bridge allows users to safely import their health data through their Omnios account
Security is our
Every transfer upholds the highest standards of data integrity and security
Customize Your
Customize refresh rates and data points to fit your needs for smooth and efficient integration.
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